Career counseling, life coaching, and agile coaching

Burnout, stress, lack of direction, problems with co-workers, an empty social life, inability to focus, not knowing what to do next. Do you want help with one or more of these problems? Maybe you want help creating a new story for life. One’s career and life can go by all too quickly and you want to make the best of both.

Making an appointment with me is a way of saying, “I want more and deserve more out of life.”

We will work together on whatever areas of your life and career that you want to work on. By the time we finish our time, my goal will be to have provided you with skills and resources to refine and refactor your life anytime you feel you start getting off track.

Who is it for?


As a programmer, I’ve tailored my coaching for programmers, those in IT, and very detail-oriented people.
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Career Counseling

My career coaching is designed for anyone. Whether you are still in high-school, or seeking a career change later in life, we will work together to try and answer your questions and make a plan for change.
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Agile with Values Coaching

I also provide my Agile With Values Coaching for organizations who need help strengthening their Agile culture.
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My ethical principles

I work according to the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics. The entire code can be found at the ACA web site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Why work with me?

I understand the tech world intimately.
I started building PC’s in 1980’s at the age of 15. I went on to get an intership on a NASA project writing web applications for NASA solar scientists. I’ve had gigs with many Fortune 500 companies (Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, US Bank) and important private organizations (Mayo Clinic). I’ve freelanced, built my own products, and went on to pursue my Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychological Services, which I’m finishing in 2018. During this time, I’ve been trained in career counseling and as a psychotherapist.

I’ve worked as an independent software consultant since 2006, and have ran my own S-Corp since 2010, where I’ve found a lot of success. (I can provide counseling on setting up your own consulting business as well).

I understand how to get meaningful things out of life.
During that time, I’ve written a book, ran a nonprofit that I founded that put musical instruments into the hands of kids, learned three Chinese martial arts, as well as Chinese language, and have traveled the world as a nature photographer.

Plus, I’m a trained counselor / psychotherapist and career counselor.
I’m a member of the Minnesota Career Development Association, a state affiliate of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). The organization aims to provide professional growth and community, and promote the field of career development.

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Ian Felton has more than 20 years of professional experience writing software for organizations such as NASA, Mayo Clinic, Thomson Reuters, and many more. He is the author of The Coding Samurai : The Way of the Computer Warrior. His blog, The Coder Counselor, explores technology through the lens of psychology. Ian is also a published author of haibun, a prosemetric Japanese form of writing, mainly centered on travel and journeys to far-off places. In addition to bass guitar, writing and wildlife photography, his interests include practicing meditation, Chinese, and Chinese martial arts. Ian is completing his master’s degree in counseling and psychological services. You can connect with him on Twitter @psychcoder.

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