Inspiring Memes

Inspiring Memes

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Coding Meme
It’s not how fast you wrote your code,
or how many tools you used,
or how many tests you wrote.
It’s what your code does to make
the world a better, more meaningful
place for the people who use it.
If it’s just about making someone money,
it’s not very good code.

Coding Meme
As coders, we know if we just keep at a problem
long enough, eventually our logic and genius
will prevail and the computer will do what we
want it to do.
When it comes to our relationships, we need
to use the same persistence, but instead of
logic and genius, we need to use active listening
and vulnerability.

Coding Meme
It’s funny how many times in my career I’ve had
strong opinions about technologies that would
inevitably be replaced in a year or two.
Similarly, I’ve held strong opinions about non-
technical issues only to grow and discard
them as well.
Values like gratitude can be held onto for
a lifetime. I’ve learned to hold onto those instead.

Ian Felton has more than 20 years of professional experience writing software for organizations such as NASA, Mayo Clinic, Thomson Reuters, and many more. He is the author of The Coding Samurai : The Way of the Computer Warrior. His blog, The Coder Counselor, explores technology through the lens of psychology. Ian is also a published author of haibun, a prosemetric Japanese form of writing, mainly centered on travel and journeys to far-off places. In addition to bass guitar, writing and wildlife photography, his interests include practicing meditation, Chinese, and Chinese martial arts. Ian is completing his master’s degree in counseling and psychological services. You can connect with him on Twitter @psychcoder.

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