Guest Appearances

Here’s a list of interviews, blog posts, & podcasts I’ve been on. I’m always honored when someone wants to have me a guest to talk about things.

Blog Posts

One Person One Day
Shanghai-based Illustrator, Dream Chen, asks me about my life and views on things.


Away From The Keyboard
In this episode, we have the pleasure of chatting with developer, author, and dedicated learner, Ian Felton. We start off the conversation talking about Ian’s background and learning how he got into technology. He tells us about his experience in college, playing in a band, and recording music. We also get some insight into how he got into NASA with some help from a college professor. Then we spent some time understanding how Ian dealt with the pressures of his figure job.

We also get to learn more about Ian’s book, The Code of the Samurai. Ian tell us where he got his inspiration from to write the book and some of the historical research he had to do. Richie asks Ian to tell us how writing books compares to writing code. Moving forward, Cecil asks Ian about his musical past.

Dot Net Rocks
Carl and Richard talk to Ian Felton about his charity efforts. Ian talks about exercising different programming skills on different charitable projects so that he has a chance to get code into production with a lower set of demands. Ian also talks about a charity he started called Marching Mountains for getting used instruments out of closets and into the hands of students in marching bands of disadvantaged counties in Appalachia. Ian’s message to us is to get involved in something you’re passionate about!

Channel 9 MSDN
Ian Felton talks about using technology on his nonprofit,

Ian Felton has more than 20 years of professional experience writing software for organizations such as NASA, Mayo Clinic, Thomson Reuters, and many more. He is the author of The Coding Samurai : The Way of the Computer Warrior. His blog, The Coder Counselor, explores technology through the lens of psychology. Ian is also a published author of haibun, a prosemetric Japanese form of writing, mainly centered on travel and journeys to far-off places. In addition to bass guitar, writing and wildlife photography, his interests include practicing meditation, Chinese, and Chinese martial arts. Ian is completing his master’s degree in counseling and psychological services. You can connect with him on Twitter @psychcoder.

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